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About us

Hayden Wano.The public health and disability system faces serious challenges which range from rapidly rising costs to increased demand for services, an aging population and international shortages of skilled clinical specialists.

The National Health Board (NHB) was established by the Government in November 2009, to address these issues and improve the quality, safety and sustainability of health care, for New Zealanders.

The NHB is made up of a Ministerial appointed Board and a branded business unit within the Ministry of Health.

This business unit was formed from a number of existing areas of the Ministry of Health, but with a fresh focus, approach and culture to address the above challenges and drive improvements in frontline health care through the creation of a more unified health and disability system.

To achieve these goals we intend to engage with clinicians and the wider health sector and to be responsive to their needs.

This website aims to keep the entire health and disability sector informed about the NHB   Please email us at enquiries@nationalhealthboard.govt.nz with any of your questions or feedback.

We look forward to actively engaging with you about our work.

Hayden Wano

Interim Chair

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